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4 Hour Pace of Play

Market research indicates that Pace of Play is a critical factor in a positive golf experience. The amount of time it takes to play a round of golf is also a key driver in people taking up or leaving the game. One can only spend so much time, while waiting to tee off on the 4thhole, watching the geese trim the grass under our coyote decoys, or watching the snapping turtles lumber back into the irrigation ponds.Read More>> Read more »

Rakes in the Traps

Last Thursday, as I was standing in a sand trap staring at the brand new rake laying beside the foot print in which my ball had come to rest, it occurred to me that many members may not be aware of the reasons why the club is asking players to leave rakes in the traps. Read More>> Read more »

Holes Under Construction – Reporting Handicap

Last week, with the sunshine and pleasant temperatures, I had a couple of opportunities to enjoy a glass of wine and an appetizer on the patio with my playing partners. Topics of conversation included the Jets and politics, of course, but we also discussed the rule for entering handicap scores on the holes where greens are under construction. Read More>> Read more »

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