Handicap Committee Notice to Members

Golf Canada requires a Member Club, which uses the Golf Canada Handicap System, to have a formal Handicap Committee. The Niakwa Handicap Committee is comprised of the Club Captain (chair), the S&C Committee Chair, the Past Club Captain and the Head Professional. The Committee is required, by Golf Canada, to send a Notice to Members at the start of each season. Issues of importance for 2023:

  1. Entering Handicap Scores

In 2022, there were over 30,000 rounds played at Niakwa.  Out of these rounds, only 13,498 scores were entered into the handicap system.  Yes, some of these rounds were from outside tourneys, guest play, etc… but we can do much better!!  Every golfer, regardless of ability, should have an established handicap. Establishing a handicap will allow you to keep track of where you stand with your game at any given moment. It will also allow you to enter any Niakwa Golf event.

   All scores should be entered into the Golf Canada Handicap System. Scores can be entered online at http://kiosk.rcganetwork.org/Default.aspx  or through the Niakwa website. You can also download the Golf Canada app to your phones. If you are having trouble entering your scores, please contact the Pro Shop and they will help you enter your score.

  • Winter Scores Played Away From Niakwa

All away scores from games played during your winter vacation must be entered into the Handicap System. The Pro Shop will be happy to assist members entering away scores in the Handicap System.

  • Course Rating

Now that the major construction projects have now been completed, we have had the course completely re-rated. The new ratings and slopes are as follows:

Men          Gold Tees                        Rating 72.6 (From 72.3).   Slope 138 (From 131)

                  Blue Tees                         Rating 70.6 (From 70.5).   Slope 127 (From 123)

                  White Tees                      Rating 68.7 (From 69.0).   Slope 124 (From 122)

                  Green Tees                      Rating 66.2 (From 66.1).   Slope 115 (From 116)

                  Gold/Blue Combos         Rating 71.6    Slope 132

                  Blue/White Combos       Rating 69.7    Slope 126

                  White/Green Combos    Rating 68.0    Slope 120

Women     White Tees                      Rating 74.2 (From 74.3).   Slope 129 (From 131)

                  Green Tees                      Rating 71.1 (From 71.1).   Slope 125 (From 124)

                  White/Green Combos    Rating 73.0    Slope 126

All of these new numbers have already been adjusted on the Golf Canada Handicap system.  Any score you enter will reflect these adjusted ratings and slopes.

  • Regular and Combination Score Cards

New score cards have been printed. These cards will reflect the new ratings and slopes as well as adjusted yardages (The course was also re-measured)

The combination tees have been slightly adjusted for 2023.

However, the individual hole handicap ratings remain unchanged.  We ask every member, that any score you enter should be done on a hole-by-hole basis.   This will provide more accurate data, and allow us to ensure that each hole is handicapped correctly.

  • Local Rules

The local rules for 2023 will be the same as 2022.  These local rules can be found on the scorecards

For more information or any questions that you may have, please contact the Pro shop or any member of the Handicap Committee.


Niakwa Handicap Committee

Bill Bench, Club Captain (Handicap Committee Chair)

Mace Mazar, Social and Competition Chair

Rob Sproule, Past Club Captain

Terry Reilly, Head Professional

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