Captain Corner August 2023

Take Pride in Our Golf Course!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great year at the club.  We are truly blessed to have THE best conditioned course in Manitoba that seems to get better every year!!!!

However……Recently we have seen some issues that need to be addressed by the members in order to help our Turf Care Team keep things moving forward.   The 3 concerning issues we are seeing are: 

  1.  Cigarette Butts.   There appears to be an increasing number of butts showing up all over the course.  Cigarette butts can take up to 14 years to decompose.  The back shop has secured ashtrays that smokers can put in their carts.   It is very important that all smokers make an effort to use these ashtrays.  If you are bringing guests who are smokers, please supply them with ashtrays and stress to them the importance of using these ashtrays. Please do not use the divot mix bottles.
  • Un-Repaired Ball Marks.   We are seeing these on all greens.  Please take a moment to review the attached link on the proper ball repair method.  While repairing your own ball mark, please look around and fix any other marks that may have been missed.  Attached is a link to a short video on proper ball mark repair techniques.   https ://
  • Unfilled Divots On The Fairways.  Every cart is supplied with a bottle of divot mix.  Please take the time to fill your divots.  It takes no time at all to fill any other divot you see.  For those who carry their clubs, there are small sand bottles that can be attached to your bag.

Please remember, even though our course is great, it takes an effort from each and every one of us to make it even better!!!

Keep It On The Fairway!

Captain Bill

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