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Penalty Area Relief

In my last communication, various penalty areas at Niakwa were discussed.  Today’s article will be about the various options available in the highly unlikely event that you hit a ball in a penalty area (marked by red lines or red stakes).  Prior to 2019 “Penalty Areas” were referred to as “Hazards” Read More>>

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What’s up with all the Red Paint??

As you may have noticed, the penalty areas (formerly known as hazards) have been freshly marked.  I had the opportunity to watch Jon and Shane from the maintenance crew do the marking.  They follow the guidelines that were established by the Player’s Cup officials from 2016.   I have attached a photo of the tool they use.  It takes about 2 to 3 hours to mark the entire course. Read More>>

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Some Friendly Reminders

#1    In case you didn’t know; the new grass deck has just opened on the range.  It looks really good, and guess we can no longer use the excuse that hitting off mats has ruined our game.

The maintenance team will continue to fill the divots each day, but they have asked us all to remember to hit balls using a “linear” pattern rather than a “scattered” or “concentrated” pattern of divots (See the image below).  It has been shown that this pattern will preserve the deck area more effectively. Read More>>

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Stroke and Distance Rule E-5

The course is really greening up and looking great. One of the regular features you will see in the Captain’s Corner are explanations of some of the rules situations that we encounter.  I will try to explain these in a simple and easy to understand way.

We were playing the 18th hole the other day and one of the guys in the group blasted one over the fence into the driving range.   He immediately asked…It’s Out of Bounds…What do I do now?   Another guy said that according to the scorecard, Rule E-5 is in effect.  Our friend asked, “What the heck is Rule E-5?” Read More>>

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Handicap Committee Notice to Members

Golf Canada requires a Member Club, which uses the Golf Canada Handicap System, to have a formal Handicap Committee. The Niakwa Handicap Committee is comprised of the Club Captain (chair), the S&C Committee Chair, the Ladies Sports Captain, the Past Club Captain and the Head Professional. The Committee is required, by Golf Canada, to send a Notice to Members at the start of each season. Issues of importance for 2021 Include: Read More>>

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