Captain’s Corner May 2023

Welcome back to Niakwa!!  Hope everyone has had a chance to get out and enjoy the fantastic conditions that we have.  Just a friendly reminder to fix your ball marks, fill your divots and rake the bunkers.

To clarify a few things about entering your scores into the handicap system.  All scores should be entered.  This includes both 18 hole and 9 hole scores.  Any “match play” scores should also be entered…players should use Rule 3.3 from the Golf Canada Handicap Manual to determine their “most likely” score. Click here to read Rule 3.3.

Rule Changes for 2023.       There have been 5 Key Changes.

  1.  The 24 Rules of Golf have now become The 25 Rules.  Modifications for players with disabilities have been incorporated into the overall Rule Book and become Rule 25.
  2.  Handicap on Scorecard (Stroke Play Only). You are no longer required to put your handicap on the scorecard and there is no penalty if you return a scorecard with an incorrect handicap in a competition.  This is now the Handicap Committee’s responsibility.  
  3.  Replacing Damaged Clubs.  If your club is damaged during a round, you can now replace it, repair it, or continue to use it.  However, this rule does not apply if the club is damaged through abuse.
  4.  Ball Moved by Natural Forces. When your ball is at rest after taking relief (dropped or placed) and rolls to another area due to natural forces, the ball must be replaced in its original position without penalty.
  5.  Simplified “Back-of-the-Line” Relief.  We’ve all used this when taking relief from a penalty area or an unplayable ball.  Now, when you drop your ball on the line, the ball must come to rest within 1 club length from where it was dropped.  This can be in any direction (even closer to the hole).

Keep It On The Fairway!

Captain Bill

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