Penalty Area Relief

In my last communication, various penalty areas at Niakwa were discussed.  Today’s article will be about the various options available in the highly unlikely event that you hit a ball in a penalty area (marked by red lines or red stakes).  Prior to 2019 “Penalty Areas” were referred to as “Hazards” Read More>>

1. If you are certain, or virtually certain your ball is in the penalty area, you have several options…

  • Play the ball where it lies without penalty.  You can ground your club and remove loose impediments. 
  • Stroke and distance. You can play from where you hit your original shot, with a 1 stroke penalty. You may re-tee your ball if you were hitting your first shot.  This option could be used on holes 11 or 12 if you hit your ball into the water just off the tee.
  • Back of The Line Relief.  This is an option that allows you to take relief from a penalty area by going straight back from where your ball entered the penalty area and keeping it in line with the pin.  This is also a 1 stroke penalty.  Although this option is not too common at Niakwa, it could be used if you hit one way left into the penalty area on the 12th hole near the 13th tee.
  • Lateral. The most common relief from the Penalty Areas at Niakwa is to take a drop of 2 club lengths from where your ball ENTERED the penalty area with a 1 stroke penalty.

2. If you are NOT certain or virtually certain that your ball is in the penalty area, then you will have to revert to Rule 18.2 (Lost Ball Rule).  This is a Stroke and Distance situation.  You will have to hit your next shot from the original position with a 1 stroke penalty.  

See You At The Club!!!
Captain Bill

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