Monarch Butterflies and Free Lifts

I’m sure everyone has seen the roped-off area on the right side of the 10th hole beside the river.  I’m also pretty sure that some of us have ended up in there. Read More>>

This area is an Environmentally Sensitive Area and is another step in Niakwa’s continuing quest to become Audubon Certified by 2023.  This project is being led by our Superintendent, Shawn Major, and directed by John McMorris and Shane Bell, Assistant Golf Course Superintendents along with Horticulturalist, Daphne Stapley.    Please check out the “Nature of Niakwa” articles contained in the “Member Central” section of the Niakwa website.  It’s a great read and really makes one appreciate what Niakwa has to offer!!

The area will contain over 2 dozen varieties of Milkweed plants and other flowering plants.  These plants are known to attract Monarch Butterflies.  It’s going to be beautiful!!

What Should You Do If You End Up in This Environmentally Sensitive Area?

The area is marked by white stakes with a green top.   If you happen to end up in this area, your ball must not be played.   The ball needs to be moved, WITH NO PENALTY, outside the roped-off area.  Please be careful not to disturb any of the plants.  You will need to take a drop outside the area, at the closest point of relief, no nearer to the hole.   

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