Course Update

There are silver linings to every scenario.  The patterns of wet and cool weather have continued.  This has led to a less desirable start to the golf season than we would hope not only for the game of golf but for golf course maintenance. However the wet weather has been positive in promoting recovery of poa across the property. At the time of this course update Friday May 24th, we have now received rainfall 18 of the last 30 days totalling just over 5 inches.  This does not include the large rain event we are currently experiencing. 

When the weather does improve there are many items in need on course.  We have fallen behind on product applications, mowing practices and general details.  As it relates to mowing ahead of this current rainfall event there are areas on the property that we still have not been able to get mowing equipment on due to ground conditions.  We thank you for your patience as we navigate this difficult start while ensuring we minimize what can be negative impacts to course conditions in these weather scenarios. 

  • Greens have been lowered to summer heights of cut.  The greens are not rolling as quick and true as we are custom too.  The rain events has washed out topdressing sand from the canopy which is vital to smooth greens.  We will look to topdress greens as soon as the window and weather allows.  Green speed will also increase as we hopefully will dry out and be in control of moisture sooner than later.  Growth regulators have been applied as well to aid in increasing green speeds.
  • The storm that rolled through with heavy wind last week tore one of the range panels.  We will have climbers in on Tuesday May 28th later afternoon to take down the damaged panel.  A replacement has been ordered and we will install as soon as possible.
  • Fairways continue to recover.  We will continue to protect them in wet weather events.  This decision this spring when required has aided in the recovery we have to date.  It will continue to be vital to the success of the fairways until we have achieved recovery. 
  • Some collar areas particularly on greens #3 and #5 are in very poor condition and do not look as if they will recover.  We will utilize what sod we have available on the nursery to repair as much collar damage as possible in the near future.
  • Dandelions have become a large issue on the property.  The weather variables have been great to support their abundance.  We have made a couple of applications on the property to begin to control these and other broadleaf weeds.  This program will continue when the weather allows and once other application programs to prime play features have been caught up. 

Respectfully submitted,

Shawn Major, AGS

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