Course Update

With the continued wet weather this spring we continue to protect our recovering fairways in scenarios of saturation.  We are seeing some good recovery across the fairways with lots of new plants emerging.  It will be vital to the recovery that we continue to protect the integrity of the turf canopy in these weather events.  Thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate this challenging start.

With the repetitive wetness we are beginning to fall behind on certain items.  This includes spray programs and general mowing practices.  We will continue to do what we can to keep up with the demands while ensuring we minimize any negative impacts to the property.  Warm sunny weather will make a significant difference to all things on course once we get it. 

  • With the long weekend the maintenance morning will not be available to the Turfcare team.  This will see us fall behind to start the week mainly as it relates to rough mowing.  Greens topdressing program will not take place.  This may result on greens being less smooth and true than we would like until we can topdress them again on May 27th our next available maintenance day.
  • Aeration was completed on all greens and tee boxes.  Fairways are not in condition to accept an aeration practice and will be addressed at a time when they can handle to process.
  • All of the turf on the property has received a granular fertility application including fairways and rough.  This will assist with recovery.
  • With the fertility we are beginning to see an abundance of growth on greens.  Late day putting conditions will be slower until a time we can apply growth regulators.
  • Heights have come down on greens.  We are getting some separation between the poa and bentgrass heights.  This will allow us to be more consistent from green to green with speeds. We still have a couple more adjustments to be made to heights over the next couple weeks to achieve summer putting conditions.
  • We have made one application of herbicide to control weeds on the property.  This will continue once we have caught up other spray programs.
  • Cart paths continue to be poor from rain events.  We will attend to these as soon as conditions and time allow.
  • We will be getting a couple pallets of sod this week to button up the stump removal holes on the property.

With the soft conditions it is important to be repairing all ball marks.  An unrepaired ball mark in wet conditions will be a great host for poa.  Your attention with this detail is greatly appreciated.

Respectfully submitted,

Shawn Major, AGS

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