Weekly Course Update

Mosquitos are beginning to buzz around the property.  A reminder to apply bug spray on asphalt or gravel paths and not while on turf.  Bug spray will kill the turf leaving unsightly areas that will take time to recuperate. The City of Winnipeg has been on property three times this spring and will continue to assist in the battle with mosquitos every few weeks.  Some dry weather would help!

With June 15th upon us we are now entering the prime 90 days of golf at Niakwa.  We are happy with how greens are performing considering the weather challenges of the spring.  There is still recovery needed across the property from a fairway and approach stand point.  These areas will continue to recover. Mowing frequencies will increase on tees, approaches and fairways. We will do our best to stay on top of rough mowing.  Some dry weather would also benefit slowing down the rough.  Overall details are still behind but we are slowly catching up in some areas.

  • A reminder to keep rickshaw traffic off of tee boxes and collars around greens.  This will help keep wear to a minimum.
  • We have completed an herbicide application to the front nine fairways.  We are beginning to see the weeds die back.  As soon as we have another good spray window we will complete the back nine fairways.
  • We are behind and need to apply herbicide to many out of play and rough areas on the property. Once other spray programs have caught up we will continue to work our way through this program.
  • We beginning to catch up in areas that had not previously been mown with standing water.  With some of these areas clippings are left behind.  We are working to ensure that clippings are blown and you may experience the blowers out during the day to manage this issue.
  • Flowers continue to be installed for the season.  We are hopeful that we will complete planting in the next few days.
  • We are beginning to see algae blooms in the ponds. We are working on a long term solution to this issue.  The past two seasons we were fortunate to trial electromagnetic technology that kept our ponds free of weeds and algae.  Without these units this season we have seen the return of the algae blooms.
  • On Monday June 24th the Audubon resource group is having a member volunteer event.  We will be physically removing thistle from the property.  This program was successful last season making a significant improvement to the hazard area between #10 and #18 green.  If you are interested please meet at the clubhouse for 8:30am.

Have a great week ahead!

Respectfully submitted,

Shawn Major, AGS

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