Course Update

This past Monday the Turfcare team made a repair to the collar on the right hand side of the 5th green.  Please refrain from taking your rickshaw over this collar as we work to establish it.  A reminder that the club asks for rickshaws to stay off of tee boxes and avoid walking them over the collars of greens.  With some weak turf from a difficult winter the traffic will hinder recovery and wear these areas down.

  • The rains have continued making it difficult to meet the demands and expectations of the property.  We are still behind in many facets of course maintenance. 
  • Rough is growing rapidly.  We have been challenged to get equipment into all areas in need of mowing due to soft grounds conditions and standing water.  When we do mow we are leaving clippings which we are working to disperse with the blowers.  Please be patient as we navigate this early season growth which has been greatly assisted by the relentless rain events.
  • We will button up the 10th tee surrounds repairs on Monday June 10th.
  • With the standing water on the property and general wet conditions around the city we are beginning to experience some mosquito activity.  A reminder that bug repellent kills grass and is not to be applied while on turf.  Please apply on asphalt, concrete or cart paths.
  • Flowers have begun to be planted on the property.  This process has also been hindered by rain events.  This will continue into next week.
  • Cart paths continue to require attention after each rainfall.  If you come across a path with water and pot holes please just slow down and travel through the area using the path.  When we start to go around the rough areas of paths we are beginning to wear out the turf in that area.
  • On Monday June 24th the resource advisory group will be having a volunteer thistle pulling event in the morning.  We had great success with this last season making a significant improvement to the area between #18 & #10.
  • This Saturday June 8th if you are golfing you will see a large volume of canoes and kayaks in the Seine River. Please be aware of these folks as you play your game of golf to ensure everyone is safe.
  • Our working relationship with Save Our Seine continues to be a very positive one for the club.  This weekend June 8th and 9th they are looking for volunteers to assist in planting 1000 trees at Marlene Park.  If you are able and want to contribute to this great cause for the City of Winnipeg they are asking for volunteers to show up between 10am and 3pm each day.

We are hopeful for some sunshine and warm weather for both the game of golf and course maintenance. Have a great week ahead.

Respectfully submitted,

Shawn Major, AGS

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