Winter Course Use

It has been an excellent stretch of early winter weather.  With the beautiful weather we have seen an abundance of use on the golf course property.  While we are excited to offer the use of the property to members throughout the winter there are some items that we need cooperation with to ensure the impacts of winter use are minimized.  Read More>>

  1. Do not walk across tee boxes, fairways or
    greens.  With the most recent snow cover
    it is evident where people are travelling and it is in many cases the wrong
    areas.  As more and more people walk the
    same route the snow becomes packed and can seal off the turf ability to
    breathe.  This in turn causes the plant
    to die. While walking please stick to out of play areas, rough and the cart
    paths that are provided.  This will
    assist in mitigating the negative course impacts in spring from winter usage. 
  2. Please refrain from cross country skiing.  We will be providing this option for the
    membership once the snow pack is conducive to our grooming equipment setting a
    trail.  We currently have people setting
    their own trails and in many cases much like foot traffic it is in the wrong
    location and across key course features. 
    The same results can be expected from packing a ski trail as walking and
    that is turf loss.  We would ask that no
    one sets their own trail to avoid it becoming a permanent option in the wrong location
    for the winter ahead.  Please be patient
    the trails will be provided and until communicated it would be best to halt
  3. If you choose to bring your dog for a walk please
    ensure that you are cleaning up after the dog accordingly.  This includes the removal of waste bags.  We are finding many left on course and this
    is not an acceptable practice.

While we know some of the traffic that is utilizing the course is not members we need all members to assist in following these items.  Please remind each other of this when on course.  The primary function of the property is a golf course. As mentioned we are excited to be providing more offerings for members but  we want to do everything possible to ensure any negative course conditions in the spring are not from winter use of the property.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Respectfully submitted,

Shawn Major, AGS

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