Welcome Back

On behalf of the Turfcare team we are excited to welcome you back to the 2023 Centennial golf season here at Niakwa.  We are happy to report that the course wintered well and conditions should be acceptable across all prime playing features to start the season. Below will provide you with some additional detail as what to expect as you begin your golf season.

Course Etiquette:

  • A very special year for the club and its membership.  Your assistance in providing the best possible playing conditions and course presentation is greatly appreciated.
    • Please rake all bunkers once you have played in them.  Place the rake back as you found it.
    • Please repair all pitch marks on greens.  This is vital for playability and for the long term success in maintaining true stands of bentgrass.  Help protect the clubs investment.
    • Please follow all traffic control and signage.  Keep carts on paths near greens and keep carts on fairways.
    • Please repair all divots.


  • All greens wintered excellent.  Very positive start to the season with only animal damage in need of repair.
  • Greens speed will increase as the season progresses.  Greens consistency will improve as the season progresses.  We had a quick transition from winter to spring and therefore minimal rolling and mowing has taken place. Mowing frequency will increase to assist this as the turf wakes up.
  • The four new greens from last season are in great health.  This is only the second season for these greens and we are still in the establishment phase.  These greens on occasion will require additional cultural practices but the goal will be to have them consistent with all greens day to day when we enter the prime playing months ahead.


  • Wintered very well all of the poa is alive in varying stages of green up.  There are repairs required across these features throughout the property. Once we have completed other priority items these will begin to be repaired
  • We had some unfortunate contamination of the topdressing sand that was used ahead of winter across fairways and tees.  There are some larger aggregate stones on some fairways.  We have been removing them through varying practices.  Please be aware of this as we continue to address the issue.


  • We have spent numerous hours preparing bunkers this spring. Most are in good condition.  We have some work remaining in a few and will continue to focus on these features as the season progresses. 
  • The new bunkers installed with the new greens are in excellent condition after another winter.


  • Voles did extensive damage throughout the property.  The areas in the rough will recover in time.  We will have some low cut sod repairs to fix mainly the collar on 14.
  • We have completed a small repair to the cart path exit at 3 green.  This will take some time to establish.  It is not a permanent fix to the area but will be more functional this season.
  • Driving range will remain off mats until approximately May 16th.
  • Tee spacing will be tighter on par 3’s to start the season as usual to assist in managing wear.
  • We are hopeful to sod the parking lot and complete landscaping requirements by early next week.
  • Overall cleanliness for the spring is acceptable.  We will continue to chase areas throughout the next couple weeks.
  • Numerous dead trees were removed throughout the winter. Stump grinding will begin this week.  All stumps will be ground quickly and the clean-up will take a number of days following.
  • The bridge crossing on #1 is set to be refurbished on Monday May 8th. This process will take two weeks.  We will split the bridge for one lane of traffic.  Please be aware of those travelling to and from the range as you head out for your round to cross the bridge.
  • There are landscaping requirements around 18 green and 10 tee.  We will attend to these as soon as possible.
  • Training of all new staff begins this week.  Please be patient as we work through this necessary aspect of the job.  It takes time for the team members to gain efficiency.

We look forward to seeing you on the course in the days ahead celebrating the 100th year at Niakwa.

Respectfully submitted,

Shawn Major, AGS

Golf Course Superintendent

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