Weekly Course Update

On Monday June 6th the Turfcare team took advantage of aeration day to complete many items in need on the property.  All greens received a form of aeration depending on the age and performance of the green this process varied. We applied topdressing sand and fertilized all greens as well. Some greens will show signs of the stressful programs as you play your round in the next couple days but should be on the way to recovery with the programs applied.  Read More>>

Fairway aeration is almost complete.  This should be wrapped up Tuesday or into Wednesday morning.  We sprayed for dandelions in high profile areas and around some bunker surrounds.  There is much more weed control required and we will look to continue with this around other key applications. We removed 57 stumps from the property on Monday during aeration as well.  There is still a lot of clean up from this process so please be cautious of the stump holes as we work through them to prepare them for sod. 

This week we will also be receiving two trucks of sod to complete the tee project on hole 7 and the haul road on the left side of hole 8.

Following aeration the greens will be soft for a couple days.  Please remember to repair all ball marks as you play your round. The path on hole 7 is open for use so please utilize this if in a power cart on your drive to 8 tee. 

With the remaining items of stump clean up and sodding we will still be balancing projects and the game of golf items for the week ahead.  Once these items are complete we are hopeful to focus on daily grooming and details across the property.

From too much water to a need for applying water.  We will also begin to test and run the irrigation system for large acres this week.  We have not to date had a need to water so we will work through the usual spring challenges of the old irrigation system as they arise. 

Have a great week ahead as the forecast is excellent for the game of golf.


Shawn Major, AGS

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