Weekly Course Update

The property continues to evolve as spring progresses.  Many areas of the property have dried up and we are beginning to address these areas with mowing.  Areas of winter damage are showing recovery and if we could gain some consistent sunlight and seasonal temperatures many will have recovered by mid-June and the prime playing months of the season.  With the late start there are many items in need of attention that we could not address ahead of opening.  With the grass growing quickly it takes the majority of the Turfcare team to prepare the course for play daily and we are working at getting the other details attended to as soon as possible with what time remains each day.  Please be patient as we work to prepare and address all aspects of the property.  Read More>>


  • Continue to progress.  We are seeing recovery on the weak area of 18
  • Heights are now down to where we separate the
    poa heights from the bentgrass heights to begin to gain speed consistency from
    green to green.  This process will
    continue over the next couple weeks as we move towards the prime playing
  • Speeds are beginning to slightly increase.  We are still waiting for the greens to dry
    out so we can gain control of texture to assist with ball roll experience.
  • The weather has not been conducive to great
    bentgrass growth.  We will be cautious in
    our approach with these greens to ensure we do not thin out to much.  Cool wet weather is the opposite of what
    bentgrass desires.  On occasion we will
    skip mowing’s to protect these greens until we have warmer weather and can
    apply light sand to protect them.
  • 15 green continues to improve.  It is being cut at the same height as the
    other bentgrass greens on the property. 
    This green will still roll slightly different.  We will continue to culturally improve this
    green throughout the season.

Capital Projects:

  • The germination blankets did a great job
    establishing all seeded greens through a cool, cloudy and wet May.  We have removed the blankets on greens 4, 9
    and 10.  We will remove the blanket on 7
    as soon as the germination stage is complete. 
    The blankets are off because the soil and daytime temperatures are more
    than sufficient for growth and we risk being too hot with the covers on.  
  • We have begun to mow greens 4, 9 and 10.  7 will not be too many days behind and with
    its orientation to the sun should close the gap with the other greens at some
  • 7 tee box works are almost complete.  This tee box will be completed with sod next
    week providing the weather cooperates.
  • There are peripheral works required on all
    capital improvement areas.  We will work
    to address these once the course conditions are where we need them.


  • Audubon International has approved Niakwa for
    all components to becoming a certified Audubon sanctuary.  We will now receive a site visit in June to
    complete the process. 
  • Dandelions and weeds are making an appearance
    where we have experienced turf loss or thinning in the past seasons from
    drought.  This is highlighted by weaker
    turf in these areas due to lack of irrigation infrastructure.  We will spray for weeds as soon as possible.
  • The cart path on hole 7 remains saturated.  We are hopeful we can resume use of it in the
    near future.  We will need to make some
    repairs to this path before it can be used. 
    In the meantime continue to travel down hole 7 in the fairway.
  • Aeration is scheduled for Monday June 6th.  The course will be closed for the day as we
    work to complete the process.
  • Bunkers continue to dry out and we are doing our
    best to address them as they do. We have many bunkers that need sand added to
    them and will work to address this as early this season as possible.
  • The river remains over the banks on hole
    12.  We will continue to clean up as the
    river recedes.
  • We will begin to grind all the stumps on the
    course in the week ahead.  Once stumps
    are ground they will be prepped for sod. 
    They will play as ground under repair until a time that they are sodded
    and established.
  • There are numerous areas in need of sod on the
    property.  We will prioritize these and
    work our way through them throughout the season.
  • Flower order will arrive on Monday next week and
    Daphne will begin to plant for the season ahead.
  • Cart paths are in poor condition following all
    the rain events.  We will work at
    repairing these in the days ahead.

Course Etiquette and Care:

  • Ball mark repair has been below standards to
    start the season.  With soft moist greens
    we need full cooperation in repairing ball marks daily to protect the clubs
    bentgrass investment and to assist in enjoyment for all members and guests.
  • With the saturated start to the season there is
    an abundance of traffic control in place. 
    Please follow the traffic control as it will assist us in minimizing
    turf loss throughout wet areas.  Please
    keep carts on fairways at all times please.

Have a great week ahead as we welcome the month of June!

Respectfully submitted,

Shawn Major, AGS

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