Weekly Course Update

Some welcomed rainfall fell overnight and into this morning.  We received just over ½” of rainfall total.  The property will benefit from this rain and hopefully carry us through until the next one. Read More>>

With an early morning storm the maintenance team is delayed in beginning morning preparations. This in turn delays the tee sheet.  Lightning is the biggest concern for our team.  Further to lightning when rain is falling mowing greens is less than ideal.  With the soft canopy and the heights we cut our greens at they can become susceptible to damage if mowed while saturated.  In this circumstance the best decision for the health of the greens is to not mow for the day.

With the necessary call not to mow we are then left with a
scenario where we are behind in mowing programs.  This is not only the case for greens but with
some minor standing water on fairways and tees these features are also given a
rest from mowing.  Over the next few days
we will focus on catching up with mowing all prime playing areas.  The greens will slow up from the moisture and
lack of mowing.  The initial cut after a
day of rest will not be crisp as the turf will have grown significantly.  We will look for a window to double cut
greens in the next few days.  This will
catch the grooming program up and see green speeds begin to increase to summer

A reminder to please repair all ball marks. This is
especially important once we lose our firm texture following a rainfall. 

Have a great week ahead and we look forward to seeing
everyone on course.

Respectfully submitted,

Shawn Major, AGS 

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