Weekly Course Update

The property is greatly benefiting from this current heat spell.  We are seeing the turf across the property jump and it is taking a large focus of our efforts to keep up with grooming practices.  With this flush of growth we are experiencing some of the playing features are looking a little shaggy.  With repetitive daily mowing practices in full swing we will gain the upper hand in the days ahead and these playing features should begin to tighten up.  There are still many areas of turf that have yet to recover from winter damage and we are also beginning to see some action within these areas.  As we move forward we will continue to repair areas that are in greatest need while allowing some areas to recover now that we are seeing consistent temperatures and growth.Read More>> 

Greens are experiencing the same flush of growth.  We have applied growth regulators but we are
still seeing a large volume of yield from greens.  We will apply additional growth regulator apps
when we have a window to spray in the week ahead.  The poa on greens is beginning to seed.  The greens will have a white to brown look
from the seed head production.  While the
growth regulators will help supress some of the seed heads we will still experience
production for the weeks ahead.

With the seed heads popping the late day golf putting experience
may be affected.  The seed heads will
become more erect throughout the day can cause greens to play a little less
than true as the day progresses.  We will
begin our weekly light topdressing programs on Monday June 7th.  This program serves many benefits of which
one is smoothing out the greens surface during poa seed head production.  For those that will be golfing on Monday following
the maintenance window please be aware that you may encounter greens with sand
on them.  We have reduced the maintenance
gap on Monday’s to accommodate more golf with the current restrictions.  This may mean weather dependent all critical
greens practices are not complete ahead of the first scheduled tee times. In
the event that this is the case the sand will not have a negative impact on
your putting experience and we will work to complete the process as soon as
possible. Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this.

The forecast is exceptional for the first week of June.  We look forward to seeing you on course.

Respectfully submitted,

Shawn Major, AGS

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