Weekly Course Update

It is that time when the final weekly course blog of the season is posted.  While this blog is being produced the course continues to be packed on what is a beautiful October day.  It has been a great summer for the game of golf and we are grateful for all of you that call Niakwa home. Hard to believe we are already at this point of the season. Read More>>

For a second consecutive stretch this golf season we are
well beyond 5 weeks without a measurable rainfall.  The property is dry throughout especially
where we have weak to no irrigation coverage. 
The turf in these areas is under stress and some rain would be a
welcomed event to assist in gaining turf health throughout the property.  Some rain would also benefit recovery in
general across the property.

Many areas on the course are showing signs of the stressful
summer.  The lack of rainfall combined
with the intense heat (above average days in the 30’s), increased game of golf
(record number of rounds), poa turf types and irrigation challenges have all
taken a toll on many areas on the property. 
Over the next couple weeks weather permitting we will begin to prepare
many areas for sod.  Although we are unable
to address some of the infrastructure challenges in these areas getting the
proper turf type (Kentucky bluegrass) into the areas that struggled this season
will provide us with a better chance at keeping the property in top condition
for the members next season.  The goal is
to get the sod down in these areas ahead of winter so that in spring we can
resume the game of golf with all these areas addressed.  We will begin to prepare some of these areas
this week.  We will start to remove tee
boxes from play to strip the turf and prepare for sod. Please use the tee
markers that will be set on the deck closest to the yardage for the tee color
of choice.

Beginning on Wednesday October 7th the tee blocks
on the 8th hole will be moved to the start of the fairway.  We will begin to sod cut the work area in
preparation for construction to begin Thursday afternoon.  We will be completely updating and rebuilding
all aspects of the tee site on hole 8. This will include removal of the cart
path, relocation of the tee decks and a new cart path installation.  We will also be installing new irrigation and
proper turf types.  As is the case with
the other projects mentioned above the goal will be to have this project
completed including sod ahead of snow fall. Once we complete the work on number
8 tee we will move with the contractor to the range deck.  The range deck will be stripped of existing
turf, laser graded and sodded.  The deck
will not be done in its entirety.  We
will be addressing only the area that is set up daily for range practice.

Once the course is closed we have many items to look after
above and beyond the course improvement items. 
We will remove the accessories that are on course.  We will continue to clean leaves and have the
property clear of debris for spraying. 
The critical application of spraying generally begins the week of
October 20th and can take up to 5 days to complete.  Once spraying is completed on all playing
features we then begin to sand.  Sand
will assist in protecting the crowns of the plants from the harsh winter
conditions.  The sanding process can take
up to 5 days to complete.  Once those
items are buttoned up we will begin to place covers.  We are expanding the flax straw sandwich
method to protect all poa greens remaining on the property. There are 45 flax
bales waiting to be pushed and out fluffed up across the poa greens that will
consume another 5 days of work.  All of
this will be completed around whatever Mother Nature delivers in the next 3 to
4 weeks. 

Finally I would like to personally thank the Turfcare team for their excellent efforts this season.  The team was challenged with less team members than a typical year.  Many stepped up and worked 6 day weeks dating back to the beginning of May.  On a daily basis they brought their best foot forward and found a way to get the job done and provide Niakwa with an excellent summer of golf.

A special thank you and acknowledgement to the clubs
Assistant Superintendents Jon McMorris and Shane Bell.  Their leadership and ability to get the job
done is truly remarkable.  We are
fortunate to have these two dedicated professionals plying their trade here at
Niakwa.  Jon and Shane thank you!

We would also like to thank the membership for the support
and patience throughout the season.  We
are very fortunate to serve a great membership and apply the art of green
keeping at this great golf club known as Niakwa.

Have a great Thanksgiving and we look forward to seeing you
all on the course one last time this week.

Respectfully submitted,
Shawn Major, AGS

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