Weekly Course Update

The month of July has been a warm and dry one on the property here at Niakwa.  July 13th was the last measurable rain that fell on this property.  Since then we have experienced the typical Manitoba summer with many days of heat, heat warnings and winds. Read More>>

The lack of rain over the last few weeks accompanied by those weather factors have us chasing water daily and nightly throughout the property.  The inefficiencies of the current irrigation system expose themselves when we go through these stretches.  We have many areas on the course that are becoming saturated from over-watering.  This cannot be avoided as our current system is not one with individual head control.  In many situations we are watering to save turf in an area but at the same time a head is running in an area that does not require water because the irrigation heads are paired up and in some scenarios even tripled up. This causes soft spots that we then see damage from golf cart traffic and maintenance.  The water window with our irrigation system is also not efficient.  We begin irrigation at 9:45 pm currently.  When we run a full program the system will not shut off until 8:00 am the following morning.  This means that many areas requiring water do not get this water until early morning hours.  Some areas are not getting water until the morning.  The turf wants the water in the evening so it has time to recover from the heat stresses through the night.  This is not happening therefore many areas do not recuperate.  We are also seeing an increase in breaks as the system is running at capacity.  To date the Turfcare team has repaired 30 breaks or malfunctions with the irrigation system.  These items are time consuming and pull hours away from course prep and details to be repaired.  Managing the system we currently work with requires someones attention full time.

17 green continues to progress and is well ahead of the
basic time lines when seeding greens.  We
have cut the new green a total of 5 times already which is excellent
considering today should have been the first mow of this green in theory. We
have removed the snow fence surrounding the green.  Please keep off of this green at all times as
it is essential for assisting us in establishment. 

Fairway sod repairs continue.  The focus is and will continue to be on the holes that are in play.  We will attend to 17 fairway once all other areas are completed.  There is a good chance that we will be chasing these areas well into the fall and potentially into next season.

To begin this week greens will be putting slower than normal.  They will still fall within the range of the course standards but will feel slower than the pace they have been rolling at.  We have applied a heavy application of water to feed the roots system as we have not had the rain recently to aid in this. 

Have a great week ahead and enjoy August long weekend. 

Respectfully submitted,

Shawn Major, AGS

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