Weekly Course Update

The long awaited summer time heats have arrived in Manitoba.  What excellent weather we are having for the game of golf.  As the heat warnings continue the property will begin to dry out and firm up especially in areas that do not have proper irrigation coverage. Read More>>

During heats like this we run the irrigation system to full capacity at night.  This means that tees, fairways, aprons and rough receive a 20 minute water cycle at night.  The challenge with the old irrigation system is the amount of time it takes to place that water across the property.  We begin watering at 10:15pm nightly.  When we are running full capacity it takes approximately 10 hours for the programs to run and irrigate everything.  This means that when we begin maintenance in the morning we still have a few hours of the irrigation cycle left to run.  We irrigate starting with greens first followed by fairways then tees and finish with the rough.  The turf needs the water as early into the evening as possible for it to recover from the heat and daily stresses.  Much of the property does not get this much needed water until the early morning hours.  The end result is turf that does not get what it needs to recover from the stresses rather it is getting just enough water to hold it where it is.  The green turf look that we have had for the last 10 days quickly disappears to turf that is dry and hanging on for life.  It also has an affect on course play-ability as the course remains wet for the morning rounds of golf.

Progress continues on 17 green.  We are now in the finishing stages of this
build.  Thursday this week we will have
sod arriving and we will get the surrounds of the green completed.  If the forecast holds and cooperates we would
expect to be seeding the green by the weekend. 
Once seeded and sodded we will be using snow fence to protect the green
from wildlife and unwanted damage to the green site while it is
established.  Further to this the
irrigation system will be set on a timer. 
The sprinklers will pop on every 45 minutes to ensure the seed bed does
not dry out.  As you make your way to 18
tee please be aware of this as they may pop on as you pass by.

Goose removal went well on Sunday night where we removed
just over 140 geese.  We are hopeful that
no other families move up the river and the course can be clear of geese until
the fall migration begins.

Have a great week ahead and enjoy Canada Day tomorrow.

Respectfully submitted,

Shawn Major, AGS

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