Weekly Course Update

The property received ¾” of rain over the weekend.  This was a welcomed rain event for the property as we were beginning to dry out.  The rain however did cause construction of 17 green to stop for 2 days as the exposed Manitoba clay that the sub-grade of the green is made of was saturated and unable to be worked. Read More>>

Progress of 17 green will continue this morning.  In a couple days last week 17 went from a
flat old green site to hauling in approximately 35 loads of fill to create the
new green site.  As the gravel layer and
irrigation get completed in the next couple days and the greens mix begins to be
added the shape and contours of the green will begin to become more evident.
There will continue to be travel of tractors, trailers and trucks to the 17th
green site over the next week. 

Maintenance Monday this week was wet so we were unable to
complete the light weekly topdressing. 
This could be evident by the end of the week with the poa seed heads in
full production.  The light sand
generally keeps the putting surface true during the period of seed head
production. We did take advantage of the window of time to vent all greens with
a ¼” solid tine to relieve some compaction and provide the root system with
some oxygen.  With this process the
greens can be soft and receptive for a few days following.  Please remember to repair all ball
marks.  On Monday we were also able to
complete a full fertility program across the fairways and tee boxes. 

This Sunday June 28th at 6:00pm we will have
members of the turfcare team in to assist Green Bay Farms in the relocation of
geese.  The team will set up netting on
the pond located between hole 11 and 16. 
We will then herd the geese into the netting and they will be manually
relocated to a farm east of the city.  We
are hopeful that we can gather all geese that are currently making Niakwa
home.  This process will take
approximately 2 hours to complete.  

Have a great week ahead!

Respectfully submitted,
Shawn Major, AGS

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