Weekly Course Update

Construction will begin this morning on the renovation of 17 green and complex.  Over the course of the next 10-14 days there will be heavy equipment travelling across 8 fairway on the cart path to deliver and remove materials from 17 green site.  Please be mindful of this and watch for the equipment during your round.Read More>>

Further to this the area under construction will be roped
off to ensure that no one is entering the work site.  Please respect the rope and boundaries.  If you happen to hit an errant tee ball off of
3 and it ends up in the work area please take a drop outside the work
area.  Do not enter to retrieve your
ball.  It is exciting to be establishing a
new green which will in turn provide the membership with much better playing experience.  We need full member cooperation not to
disturb the area of impact at any point during the process especially once we
begin to establish turf.


  • Have come around nice in the last week.  With the three to four days of high heats and
    winds this week we will be backing off mowing and rolling practices to ensure we
    can keep the greens healthy.
  • Weekly light topdressing continued yesterday.  
  • We still have some imperfections to deal with on
    15 and 7 green.  There are some other
    minor spots on greens that we will begin to plug out as well.


  • Through this heat we will be applying additional
    water throughout the day to assist in keeping the poa happy. You may come
    across some irrigation heads running throughout your round.
  • Afternoon rolling is a common practice that is
    supported by the course committee.  This
    is done to flatten any scuff marks and to compress the poa seed heads mid-day
    so the afternoon membership can enjoy a good ball roll.  This means that on occasion when we are
    afternoon rolling we may hold your round up for 3 to 5 minutes while we
    complete a roll.  You should only be interrupted
    one time during your round when this program takes place.
  • Flower planting is completed.  Thanks again to Daphne and Danielle for getting
    this completed in such a timely fashion. 
  • We hope to begin to repair some collar and
    fairway areas this week.  This process will
    be on going in the weeks and months ahead. 


  • Please fill divots and repair ball marks during your round.  Two additional divot refill stations have been added on hole 5 and 14.
  • Cart traffic and travel choice continue to be an issue.  Many people continue to travel to close to green sites and ignore the traffic control that is in place.   At no point should a cart travel within 20 yards of a green and most definitely not on the surrounds of a greens complex.  This is common travel etiquette on a golf course.  Use the paths provide where available.  This is for the turf health and overall enjoyment off all members and has a significant impact on presentation of the course.  We will begin to address this on course with members as we experience it. 

Respectfully submitted,

Shawn Major, AGS

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