Weekly Course Update

Some much need moisture fell this weekend on the property.  We received a total of 1 ¼”.  This should help all areas of the golf course that are still recovering and remove some of the drought stress that the property was enduring much too early in the golf season.  Read More>>

As we have now entered the second week of June the greens height of cut is down to the summer heights.  Although we are at the desired heights the speed of the greens will pick up over the next couple weeks.  Repetitive mowing, some cultural practices, rolling and water management will all aid in getting speeds where desired. 


  • We have completed the second weekly light
    topdressing application of the season. 
    This practice is one of two elements essential in assisting us to
    keeping core aeration a one time a season event. This light sand will help dilute
    thatch accumulation.  Last season to date
    we had completed 5 weekly topdressings. 
  • Construction will begin on the renovation of 17
    green Monday June 15th
    During this time the work areas will be sectioned off.  Please avoid entering the work area and
    respect social distancing measures with the team that will be working in this defined
  • The poa greens on property are still not
    actively growing.  We are just beginning
    to see the poa seed which we hope is an indication the plants will begin to
    take off shortly.  With poa seed head
    production areas of greens will begin to look white.  Late day golf can begin to experience bumps
    in the putting surface as these seed heads become more erect during the
    day.  The weekly light topdressing is a
    critical practice to help counter act this negative aspect of poa seed head
  • We still have some plugging repairs ongoing for
    the 15th and 7th greens. 
    This will continue until the canopy is complete.  Thank you to our turf doctors Mike, Andrew
    and Cam for the dedication to this difficult task.  These greens will be excellent and match up
    with the other greens on course in the weeks ahead. 

Fairways/ Tees/ Aprons:

  • These continue to improve.  There is still time required to achieve the
    surfaces we desire.  We hope to begin
    some overseeding and sodding practices on these features once we complete the
    greens repairs.  To assist us in the
    recovery of these areas please be mindful at all times of where you are
    travelling.  This is more important after
    rain events as weak areas are more susceptible to damage when wet which is
    counteractive to recovery.
  • The herbicide spray was successful.  Weeds are yellowing and dying back on these


  • Daphne and Danielle have been busy getting
    flowers planted across the property. 
    Thank you for the effort. We are awaiting the arrivals of hanging
    baskets and some planters which we expect in the near future. 
  • Details continue to be a challenge to keep up
    with.  We are hopeful this week to
    complete a string trim across the property. 
    The longer grass is growing quickly and this items will be a challenge
    to keep up with until the summer heats slow the turf growth. 
  • We will do a goose relocation practice again
    this summer.  Right now we are looking at
    the week of June 22nd to complete this activity.  We will use an evening capture to relocate as
    many birds as possible.  Evening is the
    best time as most geese exit the property in the morning when maintenance
    activities begin.
  • We still have many trees to address on the
    course.  We will attend to these as time
  • Cart paths are not in a great state
    currently.  Once they dry out from the
    most recent rain events we will touch them up. 
    Please slow down when travelling through rough and wet areas of cart
    path and please do not drive around these wet and rough areas.  This causes significant turf damage to the
    areas next to cart paths which are unsightly. 
    This items is not directly related to the game of golf so it has fallen
    on the priority list this spring.


  • Please keep carts on paths and off of turf where
    cart paths are provided.  We have too
    many people driving carts up green sites and parking off of the paths.  This is not proper course care and etiquette.
  • Please repair all ball marks and fill divots as
    you play your round of golf.
  • Cigarette butts continue to be found in abundance
    on course.  Please respect your fellow
    members and your golf course by properly discarding of these items. 

By assisting the Turfcare team with these daily game of golf
etiquette items you are doing your part to ensure that Niakwa continues to
present itself as a premiere experience and one that all members can take pride

Have a great week ahead.

Respectfully submitted,

Shawn Major, AGS

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