Update – June 14, 2023

The beautiful weather to start the 2023 golf season continues.  We were fortunate to receive a ¼” rainfall last week.  This little precipitation was much needed and did green the property up from the early drought to start this season.  The forecast is remaining on the dry side with ample heat so we will continue to chase water and focus on moisture management in the days ahead. On Monday June 26th we are doing a member volunteer day.  We will focus this day on thistle removal around the clubhouse areas.  Please keep an eye out for more information and feel free to join the Audubon resource committee in this exercise.


  • Received a topdressing this week on maintenance Monday followed by a brush and roll.
  • We will be watering ahead of mowing this week to keep the sand in place.  Greens will be softer to start the week but should firm up come Thursday.
  • Green speeds are beginning to increase with repetitive practices and some more manageable temperatures.
  • We will be applying a growth regulator, fungicide and fertilizer this week on Tuesday.
  • We will begin to manually remove some poa from the bentgrass greens in the days and weeks ahead.  You will see team members on the greens throughout the day.  Please get their attention prior to hitting.


  • Water management will be in full swing again this week with the forecast.  Please be aware of Turfcare team members watering around greens and tee sites.
  • The Niakwa bed at the putting green will be completed this week.  We had a delay in plants from one of our suppliers.
  • A reminder to pull the flag stick when retrieving your ball from the hole.  This will assist in keeping the hole in great condition for your fellow members throughout the day.
  • Please remember to rake all bunkers as you play in them.  Please remember to repair all ball marks as you hit into greens.
  • As we continue to with the heat and lack of rains we ask all members to keep carts to the fairways as per club policy.  Areas of rough that do not have irrigation cannot handle additional traffic without turf injury. 

Respectfully submitted,

Shawn Major, AGS

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