Update – 15 Green

The 15th green continues to improve and progress as we make the turn into August. The canopy continues to recover and fill in from the setback experienced just ahead of opening the new green. The environmental stresses experienced this summer have been extreme and these stresses have made it difficult to establish this green to its full potential so far this summer. The minor rainfall we experienced last week greatly improved not only 15 green but the entire property. This was a reminder of how challenging managing fine turf can be when we experience extreme heat and drought. Read More>>

One of the questions we are often asked is when will 15 green match the other greens on property. There is no short answer to this question but as we move towards fall, cooler temperatures, and hopefully with some rain we should be able to increase cultural practices on this green and begin to improve its performance both short and long term. The key indicators of greens health are all excellent with the 15th green. Our root mass and depth is around the 5 to 6-inch range. The yield we produce daily is significant. Sodded greens provide the membership with a quick turnaround when replaced vs seed. The long-term benefits of the new green when sodded take time and we fully expect to see this green hit a new stride when the conditions allow.

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