Towel Program

The new towel program for ball washing at Niakwa continues to have benefits. Some of the benefits to this program include:

  • Daily reduction in labour for the turfcare team allowing more time to focus on the game of golf.
    • 1.5-2 hours is required to clean water and ensure washers were full.
    • 3 hours weekly to ensure water is dumped and replaced to avoid odour complaints.
    • Winter refurbishing require in excess of 80 hours labour to keep accessories in acceptable condition.
  • Reduction in expenses as ball washer replacement and components are expensive.
    • Parts are difficult to acquire with supply chain issues.
    • These parts have increased in price substantially.
    • New ball washers which would have been required in the near future would have cost the club in excess of $16,000.
    • Specialized soap pills are expensive and no longer required.
    • Specialized towels with clips for ball washers cost over $1000 per season.
    • Total annual savings including labour is well in excess of $4000
  • Course presentation is improved with the reduction in unnecessary accessories on course. 

The benefits of moving to the towel program listed above support the decision of the course committee.

Respectfully submitted,

Shawn Major, AGS

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