Some Friendly Reminders

#1    In case you didn’t know; the new grass deck has just opened on the range.  It looks really good, and guess we can no longer use the excuse that hitting off mats has ruined our game.

The maintenance team will continue to fill the divots each day, but they have asked us all to remember to hit balls using a “linear” pattern rather than a “scattered” or “concentrated” pattern of divots (See the image below).  It has been shown that this pattern will preserve the deck area more effectively. Read More>>

#2     For those that have been fortunate enough to get some games in during the most recent Manitoba Health directives, please remember that if you played alone these scores DO NOT qualify as official handicap scores according to the World Golf Handicap rules.   You can still enter these scores into the system but are asked to click on the “The Round Was Played Alone” box before posting.  

Round was played alone

If you have already entered alone scores but did not click the box…. you can still edit these scores after the fact.  The Pro Shop will also be happy to assist you with this.

#3     As usual, please remember to fill your divots and repair your ball marks on the greens

Captain Bill

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