Posting “Out of Season” Handicap Scores

Hope everyone has enjoyed an excellent and safe off season.

Just a reminder for those who were fortunate enough to get some games in this past winter, that any games played must be entered into the handicap system as an away score. If you have any additional questions or require any assistance, the Niakwa Pro shop will be happy to help. Read More>>

In Canada, the active handicap season in each province is as follows:

BC =     Mar.1 – Nov.15
AB =     Mar.1– Oct.31
SK =     Apr.15 – Oct.31
MB =    Apr.15 – Oct.31
ON =    Apr.15 – Oct.31
QC =    Apr.15 – Oct.31
NS =     Apr.15 – Oct.31
NB =     May.1 – Oct.31
PE =     Apr.16 – Nov.14
NL =     Apr.1 – Nov. 30

(NOTE:  Some Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island courses may observe a year-round active season). For a list of clubs observing a year-round active season, please contact BC Golf

In the USA, the most common golf destinations (Arizona, California, Florida, Texas and Hawaii) are deemed year-round by the USGA.  The full list can be found at:

See you all soon!

Captain Bill

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