Handicap Committee Notice to Members

Golf Canada requires a Member Club, which uses the Golf Canada Handicap System, to have a formal Handicap Committee. The Niakwa Handicap Committee is comprised of the Club Captain (chair), the S&C Committee Chair, the Ladies Sports Captain, the Past Club Captain and the Head Professional. The Committee is required, by Golf Canada, to send a Notice to Members at the start of each season. Issues of importance for 2021 Include: Read More>>

1. Entering Scores During Covid -19 Restrictions

Games being played under the current Covid-19 restrictions are deemed to be played under the rules of golf and therefore, if a Member is maintaining a valid handicap, all scores should be entered into the Golf Canada Handicap System. Scores can be entered online at http://kiosk.rcganetwork.org/Default.aspx . If you don’t have a computer, or are having trouble entering your scores please contact the Pro Shop and they will enter your score for you.

2. Winter Scores Played Away From Niakwa

All away scores from games played during your winter vacation must be entered into the Handicap System. The Pro Shop will be happy to assist members entering away scores in the Handicap System.

3. Temporary Rules

Due to Covid -19 restrictions two temporary Local Rules are in effect:

  • Bunkers  (New Local Rule for 2021)
    • Under local rule E-3, preferred lies will be played within all bunkers, allowing the ball to be placed once in the bunker within one club length, no nearer to the hole from where the ball came to rest.
    • the ball must be placed in the same bunker
    • the relief area can not be smoothed before placing
    • In proceeding under this local rule, the player must choose a spot to place the ball and use the procedures for replacing a ball under Rules 14.2b (2) and 14.2e
  • Ball Identification should be done under a temporary Preferred Lies rule. To identify a ball and confirm it is yours, you may move the ball with your club and replace it, also with your club, in a relief area not more than six inches from the reference point (which is where the ball was originally located). Do not touch a ball with your hand unless you have positively identified that it is yours.
  • Flag sticks: Manitoba Government Covid-19 restrictions have mandated that flag sticks be left in while putting.  All cups will have inserts to minimize touch points. Therefore, the ball will not fall to the bottom of the cup. As a result, the ball is not holed out as per the Rules of Golf. The USGA and Golf Canada have implemented a temporary measure under which a round played under these conditions will still be acceptable for handicapping using the most likely score guidelines under Rule 3.3 of the Rules of Handicapping.

For more information on the temporary local rules at Niakwa, please contact the Pro shop or any member of the Handicap Committee. Niakwa’s local rules are listed on the scorecard.

4. Hole 15

Hole 15 will be out of play early in the season and Hole 8B will be used.

The course rating and scorecard have been adjusted to reflect that hole 8B is in play.  The Handicap system has also been adjusted.   Therefore, enter the actual score made on 8B as your handicap score (Net double bogey maximum). No score adjustments are required.

For anyone who has already entered an adjusted score this year, you can edit the score in the handicap system.  The Pro shop can also help you with this.


Niakwa Handicap Committee

Bill Bench, Club Captain (Handicap Committee Chair)

Anne Marie Healey, Social and Competition Chair

Nancy Porth, Ladies Sub-Committee Chair

Rob Sproule, Past Club Captain

Terry Reilly, Head Professional

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