Cross Country Skiing Open

With the arrival of a great winter’s snowfall last night we are pleased to inform the membership that we have now groomed a couple of ski trail options on the course.Read More>>

The trails begin at the 10th tee box and end
either on the 10th tee box or 9th hole cart path exit to
the parking lot. We have an inner loop that will take you back to the original spot
you began and an outer loop that will follow the property tree and fence line
taking you to the parking lot at #9. The decision to take the inner loop or
outer loop is at the 15th tee box junction. The inner loop is
approximately 2.5 kilometers. Taking a left heading down hole 15 will provide
you with the inner loop.  Taking a right
at hole 15 towards hole 6 will provide you with the outer loop. The outer loop
is approximately 2.8 kilometers. Combined just over 5 kilometers of skiing is

Walking is still available on the course.  The path system will be blown from the
clubhouse heading down hole #1 and #2. 
The path will then connect to the main maintenance corridor that heads
out to the 16th tee box and loop around to bring you back the way
you entered. 

Some general rules as we now have the trails groomed.

  1. No walking on the ski trails. A walking path is
    provided and should you choose to walk more then what is provided please stick
    to rough areas and avoid damaging the ski trails.
  2. Skiing is to be practiced on the trails that are
    provided and only the trails provided. 
  3. Avoid greens, tee boxes and fairways at all
    times.  Winter activities can and will be
    detrimental to the turf conditions under the snow.  If you see someone neglecting these rules
    please remind them and hold each other accountable. 
  4. Snow shoeing is to take place next to the ski
    trail but not on the ski trail. Please follow along the trails provided and
    avoid snow shoeing on all relevant course features as previously mentioned. 
  5. Please practice all Covid-19 related health
    measures and rules for the golf club.

A wildlife note. We do have a few coyotes that are living on
the property this winter. Use caution when on the course. 

Providing winter use of the golf course is a new activity
for the club and membership.  We will
continually monitor the course and look for ways to improve the winter course experience.  The goal is to provide members with an
excellent outdoor option through the winter while minimizing the impacts on the
golf course in the spring. 

Have a great Christmas and all the best in the New Year!

Respectfully submitted,

Shawn Major, AGS

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