Course Update July 3, 2023

Some much needed rainfalls blessed the property here at Niakwa the past week.  In total between the three rain events, the course received just over 2.25 inches.  The driving force of a couple of these rainfalls left bunkers washed out and in need of repair.  It will take some time to address all in the capacity required to have them playing and presenting well again.  Green speeds have also slowed slightly with the additional moisture.  In the next couple of days, we should see them begin to dry out and return to the speeds that we are accustomed to. Overall a very beneficial week with rain that removed some stresses to the turf and has the course in a good position for the month of July ahead.

With the arrival of July, we now have the full complement of Turfcare staff for the next couple of months.  The safety of the Turfcare team is a priority as we continue to work on the course throughout the day.  Many scenarios arise on the course throughout the day where maintenance and golf interact.  The number one item as it relates to the safety of the team is awareness.  This awareness needs to come from both the Turfcare team and its members.  As a member when you come across the Turfcare team working and prior to taking your shot please ensure that they are aware of your presence and intention to hit a golf shot.  At the same time, we are always working on ensuring that the Turfcare team is aware of their surroundings and prepared for the game of golf.  A simple acknowledgment of each other can ensure that we can continue to improve and work on the course throughout the day providing both the membership with an enjoyable golf experience and the staff with a safe place to work.

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