Course update July 24, 2023

Some fortunate rains have fallen over the past week here at Niakwa.  With these repetitive rain events, we have become soft and wet throughout areas of the course.  Cart and traffic control, when these weather events arrive, are essential to minimizing wear patterns on the course, minimizing turf loss, and keeping the presentation of the property acceptable. The club has a cart policy and rules for cart use.  Carts are to stay in fairways at all times when there is no path option available.  Driving aimlessly through the rough creates additional wear and can track the course leaving an undesirable presentation for days.  This is especially true when traveling out of the fairway between holes 13 & 15.  This tree line has many areas of soil from lack of sunlight, irrigation, and the inability to have a good stand of grass in a tree line.  We continue to see carts traveling through this area creating additional wear and tracking up the golf course. Please follow the club policy in place for travel and assist us in providing a great member experience regardless of the weather scenarios.

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