Course Update August 9, 2023

Greens over the past week and continuing into this week are performing a little below what we would like.  We completed an essential day of cultural and fertility practices to the greens on July 31st.  This program provided the greens with air, sand, and fertility to set the stage for the months of August and September.  Unfortunately following this we received a heavy thunderstorm with 1.5 inches of driving rain.  This essentially washed away all the sand applied and saturated the greens. With the long weekend this week, the window we require to improve performance was not there.  We have not watered greens overnight since the thunderstorm a week ago.  We are hopeful the forecast this week does not deliver too much rainfall to aid in drying out the surfaces and giving us control of the moisture which has an impact on ball roll.  With the fertility application, we have seen an increase in growth which is also slowing up greens.  We are also hopeful that the time required to spray greens this week is available around rainfall to regulate the growth.  This is unfortunately the second time this summer we have lost the benefits of the greens programs to heavy thunderstorms followed by a long weekend. Without the time to reapply sand which aids in smoothness, speed, and firmness we are at the mercy of the elements until the next window of time is available and greens simply will not be at the peak of their performance unless we get cooperation from Mother Nature. 

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