Course Update August 29, 2023

With the arrival of September at the end of this week it is unfortunately time to say goodbye to the majority of the Turfcare team as they return to studies.  We would like to thank these team members for their hard work and dedication to Niakwa this season. Their efforts assisted in providing the members a great 100th year on the golf course.

With the reduction in team members and a property that is still in full swing, there will be challenges in keeping up with all the details.  There will be a reduction in mowing frequencies, weeding, trimming, and bunker raking.  With this reduction and to keep the property up to standards now would be a great time to get full cooperation from all membership and guests with basic game of golf etiquette items.  We continued throughout the season to have bunkers not raked, ball marks not repaired and divots not filled.  The Turfcare team will no longer have the resources to care for some of these items daily and it is your responsibility to ensure the course is left in the same if not better condition than when you went out to play. If you are playing in the evening please rake your bunkers as we will not be capable of raking bunkers Monday to Friday in the morning as has been the case all summer.  Your cooperation with this will ensure that we finish the 100th year in great condition for all members and guests to enjoy. 

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