Course Update – #9 & #10 Greens Open for Play

We are excited to announce that #9 and #10 greens will open today. 

After consulting with our USGA agronomist, Shawn is comfortable that these two greens are ready for play.  Shawn and his team will continue to monitor them closely to ensure they continue to progress while being used. The single most important practice for ensuring their success is to fix all ball marks on these young greens.  Click here to learn how to properly fix a ball mark.  In addition to this, the turfcare team may need to use some special practices, such as:

  • Changing pin locations throughout the day
  • Cultural programs like sanding and venting throughout the week (outside of maintenance Mondays)
  • Pulling greens out of play for short periods of time during and/or after heavy rains or extreme humidity. This will only be done when necessary and for the long-term success of these greens.

*Please note that these are the same practices that have been recommended to us when opening new greens in prior years. 

With these greens opening, we will now need to use the “net par” method of scoring for holes 4 and 7.  We will continue to use hole 8B in place of hole 7 when playing, however, for handicapping purposes your scores on 4 and 7 will be is recorded as a Net Par regardless of what your score was on 4 or 8B.  Net Par is defined as Par + Any handicap strokes a player receives on a hole. Further detail will be provided through the Pro Shop News on the website and posted by the handicap computers.  It should be noted that it will take time to update our information with Golf Canada.  We ask that members wait to post any scores until Friday.

As far as opening greens #4 and #7, we are not able to confirm an exact date at this time.  Our best estimate is that they will be ready for play in the next 5 to 10 days.  We will continue to update you as we are able.

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the skill and efforts of Shawn Major and the turfcare team.  Considering all the obstacles faced, delivering these greens in this time frame is truly amazing.  Well done!

Wade Nybakken, General Manager

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