Course Update

With the arrival of mid-September it is now time for us to begin to take the necessary steps to prepare the property for winter.  The focus moving forward will be on plant health and turf recovery from what was a stressful summer for the finely groomed turf on the property.  The mowing frequencies are now reduced and the heights of cut are now increasing on greens.  Beginning on September 15th the range deck will move to mats to allow the turf time to heal ahead of next season. While we will continue to change holes and clean the course daily there will be less focus on playing conditions to ensure we give the golf course the best possible chance at a successful fall and overwinter. The tee sheet remains at capacity which also means we need to compensate for this and the surfaces will see a steep increase in height of cut.Read More>>

This Monday September 20th construction will
begin on the 9th green.  The
final day to play hole #9 is Sunday September 19th.  The process for the fall capital improvement
items will begin with hole #9 and will focus on this green site until
approximately October 1st at which time we will begin work on the
other three green sites and the new 7th tee box.  8B will be in play for the duration of the
season to replace hole #9.  Once the
other greens begin and for the last 10 days of the golf season we will have temporary
pins placed in fairways for greens 4, 7 and 10.

Monday September 20th the course will be closed
for the day to complete the fall aeration items.  We will apply sand to all greens and punch
with a ¼” tine.  This process should not
be very disruptive and should provide members with good surfaces to finish the
golf season.  That day we will begin to
aerate fairways as well.  This process
will take a little more than one week to finish amongst play.  We will capitalize on the course aeration
closure to apply herbicides across the property and knock back the weeds that
have established themselves through another season of drought.

With fall golf even though heights of cut increase and
mowing frequency decreases we can still experience some exceptional golf.  Water management will be key in the fall to
providing good playing conditions and plant health.

We look forward to seeing all members at the member closing
event this weekend to wrap up what was an excellent summer to play the game of

Respectfully submitted,

Shawn Major, AGS

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