Course Update

As we make the turn into the middle of September next week we will begin to switch our focus on the golf course from summer playing conditions to plant health. Read More>>

For the remainder of the golf season we will raise heights of cut incrementally and reduce the volume of mowing and rolling.  It is a critical time of year for root development.  Establishing strong roots at this time of year will assist us in successful overwintering and providing a great putting experience next season.  By next Wednesday September 15th we would expect greens to start to perform different than they did throughout the duration of the 2021 summer golf season.

All prime playing features will see a decrease in grooming
practices and a height of cut increase. 
Fairways and tees will move away from 7 day mowing preparations to 3 or
4 days per week.  We will react to what
the turf dictates.

Frost delays can be expected to begin this month as
well.  The goal for the turfcare team
when we experience frost is to minimize the delay and get the members on the
tee as soon as possible.  Saying this a
window of time is still required to prepare the course for play following a frost
delay.  It is essential we wait until
frost clears to ensure we do not cause any unnecessary damages that will not
recover late in the season.

On September 15th the range deck will close and
we will move off of the turf and on to mats. 
This will allow the tee deck time to heal and prepare itself for the
2022 golf season.  With the reduction in
heat and low overnight temperatures we can expect the recuperative abilities of
plants to slow.  This is the reason for
the move back to mats.  It is also a good
reminder to please fill all divots during your round so as to assist with turf

There is some excellent weather ahead for some great fall golf.  We look forward to seeing you on the course.

Respectfully submitted,

Shawn Major, AGS

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