Course Update

Hopefully by now most members have had the opportunity to play the new 15th green.  Today we lowered the heights on the green along with a topdressing.  This green is young and still being established.  Growth rates are high and therefore as the day progresses it will slow up even more.  As we continue on with the golf season this green should continue to progress and each week we hope that we can achieve incremental improvements in ball roll and greens health.Read More>>

Tuesday evening June 29th we will do our annual
goose removal and relocation.  Our
Turfcare team will begin around 5pm rounding up all geese on property and
herding them into the pond on hole 11. 
We will have Green Bay farms set up their netting trap and force all geese
into this area for collection and removal. 
Dependent on the volume of geese we may have the netting trap in place
overnight and need additional removals in the morning. Please be aware of the
team members working around the ponds and be sure to acknowledge them prior to
hitting your golf shots.

The drought that has settled in for the last 21 months continues and the property is showing signs of this.  We are beginning to lose turf in areas of the course that have poor or no irrigation.  These areas include tee boxes, green sites, fairways and bunker surrounds.  The forecast is for temperatures in the low 30’s for the foreseeable future with no sign of reprieve in the form of rain.  This will put a lot of stress on an older poa property.  We will begin to deploy and utilize all tools and options to ensure plant health and provide the best possible turf conditions considering the abnormal weather.  June is on pace to finish as much as 6 degrees above average in temperature which is significant over the period of the month.  Instead of highs around 24/25 we have been locked in to beautiful high 20’s and low 30’s for the majority of the month.  We even experienced high 30’s near the start of June. To date we have had six rain events totaling just shy of 1 3/4 of an inch and that is since April 1.

Some of the options we will need to utilize include a
reduction in mowing of all features including greens, tees, fairways and
roughs.  We will be increasing the amount
of labour committed to additional water throughout the day.  We will run irrigation in areas of need among
play.  We will spoon feed our turf to
provide it with nutrients but not so much nutrients that we will increase
growth as the turf does not have the ability to handle this.  We will increase and control traffic where
possible. We are hopeful that we will receive some assistance from Mother
Nature in the near future to assist in providing the membership with great
playing conditions.  The reality is when
we groom and provide the conditions we are currently experiencing these weather
extremes take a more severe toll on the turf. 

Congratulations to all the Niakwa members who qualified for
the mid-amateur next week and best of luck to all that are participating.

Respectfully submitted,

Shawn Major, AGS

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