Course Update

With the recent rain events falling more frequently accompanied by some heat and humidity we are definitely noticing an increase in mosquito activity on the property.  It has been an excellent run for the past couple years in Manitoba as we have had little to no mosquito’s to deal with.  We are hopeful that we only experience one life cycle of mosquito’s and we can resume enjoying the game of golf and the outdoors without these pests.  In the meantime it is absolutely essential that anyone using or applying mosquito’s and bug repellent not apply while standing on turf.  Over the past couple of days we have noticed a significant number of dead grass patches on the course that are a direct result of applying bug spray while standing on grass.  Bug spray will kill turf and we do not want to experience this any more than we have already.  Please apply bug spray on a cart path, in a bunker or before you start your round.Read More>>

The heavy rain event that happened on Tuesday night has set
back the progress of 17 green a little bit. 
The plan was to sod the surrounds of the green today.  This unfortunately will not take place today
but we have the sod ordered for delivery tomorrow.  The surrounds of the green needed to be
regraded after the rain washed down some of the material. We also needed to
allow the area time to dry before we could resume the preparation works. 

Respectfully submitted,
Shawn Major, AGS

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