Course Update

It is an exciting time around Niakwa with the arrival of greens 9 and 10.  In the next week we are expecting to be ready to open greens 4 and 7 returning to 18 holes of golf.  We would like to thank the membership for the support and patience as we established these new putting surfaces.  As has been the case in the past with new greens there are some awareness items to note.Read More>>

  • First and foremost as a member it is your responsibility to repair all ball marks. With youthful greens, the ball marks will be more significant and will take more time to heal. A properly repaired ball mark will recover quickly and your efforts with this will have the greatest single most impact on the performance and health of these new greens.
  • New greens take time to reach full maturity and perform at the level experienced on other greens here at Niakwa.  These greens will continue to improve as summer progresses and into next season.
  • Ball roll will be slightly different on a day to day basis on the new greens compared to the established greens on course.
  • Some days we will not perform maintenance on the greens to allow them time to recover and mature.  The greens will perform differently these days.
  • Late day golf will have a slower experience than morning golf.  While we have begun to regulate the new greens they have an abundance of food sources available from the establishment and will continue to produce yield even with regulators.
  • We will place the long term success and investment in these greens as a priority over daily playing conditions.  If required we will:
    • Move the pin throughout the day
    • Take greens out of play in the event of heavy rainfall and saturation
    • Topdress through play to protect the crowns of the plant and improve ball roll
    • Hand watering through the day to pin point water only where required
  • We are hopeful that none of these management techniques will be required.  These protocols are the same as were in place when we opened new greens previously and it is necessary to have the tools in place in the event they are required.

We are truly excited to see this great property back to 18 full holes of golf. There is an abundance of great golf ahead this summer and we hope everyone enjoys the clubs new investment for this great place called Niakwa!


Shawn Major, AGS

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