Course Update

Progress continues to be great on the newly seeded greens.  Over the past few weeks, we have noticed that four green is beginning to lag behind the other three greens.  After a site specific review with our agronomist from the United States Golf Association and reviewing this scenario with the course committee we will begin tree removal in this area to open up sunlight. Some important things to note include:

  • Historically the location of the fourth green created numerous turf health challenges in the past.
  • This removal will not impact the aesthetics of the golf hole. The trees in need of removal are to the northeast of the green where summer and morning light is located.
  • 8-12 hours of sunlight is essential to provide bentgrass the ability to thrive.
  • We will start with four to five specific trees and then assess.  This process will be ongoing until we achieve the required sunlight and see this green environment improve.
  • The added benefit will be in providing more space for cart traffic as we exit to the path at the green.

Trees are a vital aspect of the parkland course for Niakwa.  Tree removal is always vetted and is not acted upon unless necessary. This scenario will benefit the new green and assist us in providing the membership with the expected conditions for the future of this green.

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