Course Etiquette – So Much to Remember

As the weather warms up and the golf season gets under full swing (pun intended) there are so many things to remember – like what are the names of the guys I’m golfing with? And what’s my account number? And what’s that ‘inside out thing again’? Or was that ‘righty tighty, lefty loosey’?

With all those questions occupying our minds, sometimes it’s hard to remember that care for the course, and course etiquette, are also an important part of the game. And as I’ve played my first few rounds of the year I’ve noticed that some of our early birds are forgetting about the course care thing. Read More>>

For example, filling divots – anyone who has golfed in the late April/early May cold has to be a keener. Keeners should know what that sand bottle on their rickshaw or carry bag is for.  Please fill your divots on the fairway and on the tee box, especially the par 3 tee boxes. Here’s a link to a helpful video.

It could be that some members aren’t using the sand bottle for its intended use because they think it’s an ashtray. Please don’t put your cigarette butts in there. And the world is not your ashtray. Several members have commented on the number of white filtered cigarette butts around the course. The back shop has ashtrays that fit in the cup holder of your cart or rickshaw, if you’re going to smoke on the course.

Where do I leave the rake? In the bunker – same as last year.  At the entry point of the bunker.


The first hole is closed. How do I enter my score on Hole 1 for handicap purposes? Well, you don’t enter the score you made on 8B. For your handicap, you record par plus any handicap strokes you’re entitled to receive. Number 1 is the 7th handicap hole for men. If your handicap is under 7, you record a par 4. If your handicap is 7 to 24, you record a bogey 5. If your handicap is 25 or more, you record a double bogey 6.

Number 1 is the 5th handicap hole for ladies. If your handicap is under 5, ladies record a par 4. If the handicap is 5 to 22 you record a bogey 5; handicap 23 to 41 – double bogey 6; handicap 42 to 44 – triple bogey 7.

Ball marks on the green? Fix them. Here’s how –

Pace of play? Four hours or less is the Niakwa commitment.

Here’s a new one….divots on the driving range? Don’t fix them. This year the Grounds Staff is going to do it for you. Too many people were doing it wrong and it was affecting the life of our mower blades. But don’t forget the pattern your divot should have – linear front to back.

Here’s another new one….. As you know, the 2019 Rules of Golf allow you to putt with the pin in the hole. Our Course Superintendent has asked that you remove the flag before you take your ball out of the hole. This is to protect the sides of the hole, especially on the bent grass greens.  If taking the flag out seems like too much work, do like the pros and use two scissored fingers on an ungloved hand and slide the ball straight up, taking care not to touch the side of the hole.  And when you see your playing partner rooting around the bottom of the cup with his putter blade to try and flip his ball out, please point out the inappropriateness of that activity. Be as aggressive with him as you deem necessary.

The course is in great shape, and it’s only going to get better. Let’s do our bit to help our new guy, Shawn Major, keep it that way, and leave the course as pristine as possible for the next round.

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