Course Damages/Etiquette

Sometime yesterday evening one of the greens incurred some damages from a golfer.  As you will see in the picture someone chose to take a divot next to the pin location on 16 green.  This is extremely disappointing for not only the Turfcare team who works extremely hard to provide good golf conditions but even more frustrating for your fellow members who then have to play through this damaged area.  Read More>>

At no point is this an acceptable practice.  This is not the first time we have
experienced this and it is very frustrating to be experiencing this at a
private golf club such as Niakwa. 
Together we need to hold each other accountable for course care items
and proper etiquette while on the golf course. 
With an increase in play this season the focus on course care has never
been more critical.  In order to provide
you the membership with the best playing conditions in Manitoba we need to
promote how we regard the course, hold each other to a high standard and ensure
that this type of unnecessary damages are not occurring at this great club
called Niakwa. 

Respectfully posted,

Shawn Major, AGS

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