Course Condition Update

This much needed rain event delivered just over 2& 1/4 inches on the Niakwa property Friday night into Saturday morning.   This was an excellent rain fall that the property handled for the most part quite well. With that volume of water although we were very dry heading into the rain has resulted in soft conditions that prevented us from any mowing maintenance this morning.  The team is out on course blowing greens of debris, setting new cups and moving tee markers. Read More>>

Many bunkers have water standing in them.  We will begin to pump the bunkers that drain
the slowest.  Once we have a window and
the bunkers have dried we will get them back into playing condition.  The good news is the rain never fell hard
enough to wash all bunkers out and the repair work on the other end will be
manageable vs some other heavy rain events in the past.

With the drought season we have had and challenges with turf
density in many areas including fairways, we have made the call for no carts
today.  Although most standing water has receded
the ground is soft.  The thinner areas
when soft are susceptible to damage from traffic.  This is what prevented us from mowing
practices today as we want to protect the course from any unnecessary

If the forecast holds we should be able to resume with
mowing practices tomorrow morning ahead of the forecasted afternoon rains.  The great thing about the clubs commitment to
7 day preparation is that we should not fall to far behind on mowing practices
and should be able to get the course back into good playing condition and
presentation quickly once the unsettled weather passes.

Respectfully submitted,

Shawn Major, AGS

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