Capital Project Update

We had a busy fall run on the golf course with capital improvement items in full swing.  The replacement of the four remaining original greens being 4, 7, 9 and 10 made great progress.  Below is a brief description of where the construction process finished when the snow arrived on November 10th. Read More>>

Green #4

  • All works completed and complex is ready for

Green #7

  • Major landscaping works completed
  • Bunker sand installation required
  • Finishing works and sod installation required (approx.
    3 days’ work to complete)

Green #9

  • All works completed and complex is ready for
  • Sand needs to be installed in bunkers

Green #10

  • Major landscaping work is completed
  • Sod install completed around all bunkers
  • Greens surface very close to ready for bentgrass
    installation (approx. 2 days’ work required)
  • Bunker sand installed

While the goal of the greens replacements project was to
complete all sodding installations ahead of winter we are happy with the
progress and where the project finished. 
We were within 4 to 5 days of accomplishing the goal when the snow
accumulation began.  Once things dry in
spring and we can resume works we should see all greens buttoned up in a timely

An important note is that while there is still sod to be
installed around two greens complexes in spring this work required will not
hinder the goal and timeline for opening the greens for play.  The bentgrass will take time to establish and
the sod around the greens will have ample time to establish as well.

There are some collateral damage areas that need to be
addressed around all greens complexes. 
These are locations impacted by equipment and work but not directly a
part of the greens replacement work areas. 
We will utilize a couple different methods to get these areas back into
condition and these will be addressed once all greens complexes are completed
and ahead of opening the new green sites.

The other aspect of the capital plan for this season is the
replacement of the 7th tee box. 
This work has yet to be completed. 
We will begin this tee as soon as possible in the spring.  Much like the 8th tee box this
spring, sodding this tee in the spring will only require a couple weeks to be
available for membership use.  

The clubs contractor has left his equipment on site for a
quick start in spring.  We are hopeful
for another early start next season that will allow us to complete all capital
projects by or around opening day for the 2022 golf season.

Respectfully submitted,

Shawn Major, AGS

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