Mother Nature continues to deliver some timely rain fall this season.  Yesterday we received just over a half inch of rain.  The rain falls this season has greatly reduced the amount of irrigation we have had to apply to the property and has taken some stress off the irrigation system.  It has also kept the property relatively green especially in areas that we do not have great irrigation coverage. Read More>>

As is generally the case after a rainfall our green speeds
will be down a bit for the next few days. 
Once the ½” rain is exhausted we will begin to firm up and regain the
speeds that we expect.


  • In general the greens are performing well for
    this time of year.  We are beginning to
    see some turf health challenges on greens 1, 18 and 8b.  The challenges on 8b are due to the size of
    this older green, the minimal pin locations available and an increase in rounds
    of golf.  The challenges on 1 and 18 are
    youthful bentgrass greens that are still working towards their prime.  We see thinning of the bentgrass after rain
    events.  We continue to sand these greens
    to aid in this.  Over the next week we
    will back off rolling on 1 and 18 to aid in keeping these greens healthy.  We will also apply a granular fertilizer to
    give them a mid-season jump and assist them in gaining the density we
  • 17 green is coming along excellently.  We are getting to close to making the first
    cut on this green and applying the first application of fertilizer since the
    seed went down.  Over the next few days
    we will begin to dial back the irrigation cycles and begin to allow the roots
    to develop.  Once we make the first cut
    and fertilizer application we should see the density begin to develop. 


  • The team continues to work away at fairway sod
    repairs.  On Monday we began a larger
    area on hole 3 next to the fairway bunker. 
    Next Monday we will finish this area off.  Today they are patching in spots on 18
    fairway.  The greatest challenge continues
    to be making the labor available for these repairs with the turf on the
    property continuing to grow at a steady pace. 
    We will continue with this program when time allows and for the duration
    of the season.
  • We have almost completed weeding all bunkers for
    the month of July.  This process is time
    consuming and takes place only after game of golf prep is completed.  With the reduction in how much we can focus
    on this item it is taking longer to complete when we do get the


  • Cart traffic continues to be one of the
    etiquette items that we can be better at. 
    Where there is stake, rope and traffic posts please do not travel in
    these areas.  Please avoid wet areas at
    all times.  Please stay well away from tee
    boxes and green sites.  Traffic is one of
    the greatest causes of turf decline and your attention to this will greatly
    improve the course conditions and overall aesthetics. 

Have a great week ahead. 
Congratulations to all members who participated in the senior club
championship that past weekend.

Respectfully submitted,

Shawn Major, AGS

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