17 Green Update

It was an exciting end to this week’s maintenance Monday here at Niakwa.  Conditions were ideal and we were able to complete the construction process on 17 green by seeding the green surface.Read More>>

Over the course of the next 10-14 days there will be frequent irrigation cycles that are set up on our central control system.  This irrigation program will water the green for 4 minutes every 45 minutes.  This is done to ensure that the seed does not dry out as we wait for it to germinate.  Typical germination period is 5-7 days.  Once we have a good stand of germination we will adjust the irrigation system accordingly. The area surrounding the green will become soft from this frequent application of water.

We have set up snow fence around the perimeter of the green
for the time being.  This was done to
prevent the deer who love to play in sand off the surface to avoid any
unnecessary damages.  While the fence is
in place for deer we are asking for full cooperation from membership to stay
off this green at all costs for the foreseeable future.  Walking on the green while it is wet like
this will see the seed stick to shoes and leave voids in the surface that will
need repairs before we even get to see a ball roll on it.  If by chance your tee ball ends up on 17
green or 17 sodded area from hole 3 please do not retrieve it.  This is essential.  Please drop a ball and take relief from this
area as it is considered Ground Under Repair.

As previously mentioned the irrigation will run based on a
computer set up.  As you are heading to
18 tee please be aware of this so as to avoid an unwanted rain shower.  Although in this heat it does feel pretty

We would like to thank the membership for their patience
over the last two weeks as this green was constructed.  Numerous trucks entered the golf course to
deliver materials to the works site.  We
know this can be disruptive to your daily experience and again we would like to
thank you for your understanding.

We are excited to see this this green evolve over the next
couple months.  The design is excellent
and should provide the membership with one of the best greens complexes on the
property once established.

I would like to take a moment to thank the Turfcare team led
by Jon McMorris and Shane Bell.  Friday
was an outstanding effort as the team laid out 26 pallets of sod in the heat
warning to get this green ready for seed today. 
Thank you to the entire team for getting the job done.

Respectfully submitted,
Shawn Major, AGS

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