15 Green Opening Update

We are excited to inform membership that we will be opening 15 green this week on Thursday June the 24th.   We are excited to see membership back on their true 18 holes of golf for the prime golfing months ahead.  While the green is capable of opening and supporting golf there are some areas that are still being established mainly the back 1/3 of the green.  We will continue to work on establishment and improving the ball roll of this green for the duration of this golf season. Read More>>

A sodded green will perform different than a newly opened seeded green.  The benefit of sodding is being able to open the hole and green for play approximately 45 days earlier than a seeded green or more.  This green will take time to become excellent vs a seeded green which when it opens is generally excellent. As the summer progresses we will look to lower heights and improve the ball speed.  Frequent topdressing applications, venting and fertility practices will be required to keep the green healthy and to improve its functionality.  Ball roll can be expected to be slower than the other 17 greens on course.  As the day progresses with the volume of fertilizer required to establish a sodded green the speed will slow more into the afternoon and evening.  We will look to do some additional rolling in the early afternoon providing the green can handle the additional practice to improve speed for the later day golf experience.  In the next week to 10 days we should be able to begin to add growth regulators to the green which will also greatly improve the putting experience.

As you get ready to play the new 15th green you
can assist the turfcare team in ensuring a healthy and successful life of this
green by repairing ball marks, alternating your enter and exit points to greens
including minimizing your foot traffic on the back 1/3 of the green. 

The construction of the 15th green was one of the earliest greens constructions projects ever undertaken in Manitoba.  We began to build the new green on April 1st of this spring thanks to a mild winter and early thaw.  On April 26th the bentgrass sod was installed.  We feel that the design and significant improvement in pin locations will provide the Niakwa membership with an excellent golf experience for the future and we will continue to work towards making this green an excellent one.

Respectfully submitted,

Shawn Major, AGS

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