How to properly rake a bunker

Please see below on how to properly rake a bunker.

  • Locate the nearest rake
  • Enter the bunker with the rake, utilizing the closest low entry point
  • Use rake to replace equivalent amount of sand to recreate as similar a playing surface as prior to entry into the bunker
  • Upon reaching the edge of the bunker push sand away from bunker edge retaining the existing bunker edge (do not rake sand over the edge of the bunker)
  • Return rake parallel to the direction of play, as close to the bunker edge as possible, without placing the rake in the bunker

Things to Avoid:

  • Entering the bunker from a high point can lead to major disruption of the firm sand face and can easily damage the bunker edge, causing soil contamination and permanent damage to the bunker edge
  • Placing rakes on high points of the bunker edges and perpendicular to the fairway as this causes difficulty in locating rakes when needed and perpendicular rakes are more likely to affect play.


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