Germination on 1 Green

We are pleased to announce that 1 green already is showing signs of new growth. Again we see how fast that this type of seed can start to grow in ideal conditions as it has only been 6 days since seeding. With a few good weeks ahead of us we hopeRead More>> Read more »

1 Green completed

Yesterday 1 green was seeded and the sod completed around the surrounds. We are looking at liner options to help improve the life and play-ability of the bunker. This will be completed in the next few weeks.Read More>> Read more »

Seeding 1 Green

The shaping was completed yesterday on one green which will allow us to sod the surround today. We will also be seeding the green today and with good weather should start to see germination by the end of next week. We are also applying liquid fertilizer to the greens today to feed the plants.

1 Green Update

The favorable weather has made earth work on 1 green go very smoothly. The sub surface shaping has been completed, the drain tile has been installed and the goal today is to have all the irrigation installed and charged for the weekend. This is a critical step as we have had to sever the line that feeds Read More>> Read more »

2 Green open today

We are excited to announce that 2 green will be open today for play. Much like 18 green we please ask that you repair at least 2 ball marks on each green to help keep the Poa Annua from invading those spots.  Read more »

Ball Marks

As we are all aware, it is very important to fix at least two ball marks on each green. This makes the playing experience much more enjoyable for the following groups. What some may not know is that especially on our new greens it is even more important to fix the ball marks. Read more »

Course Update – July 2018

We are very excited to announce that the new 18th green will be open for play tomorrow. The 2nd green will follow a week later, on Tuesday, July 31st. The 13th green continues to perform well and looks like it will be ready to play on or around Aug 10th. Read More>> Read more »

18 Green Opening

We are very excited to announce that on Tuesday July 24th the new 18th green will be opening for play. We hope that all members can enjoy the new putting surface and are also very excited to get the new 2 green open within a week of 18 opening. Read More>> Read more »

20.3mm of Rain

Yesterday the course received 20.3 mm of a much needed rain. This rain will really help the areas that do not receive irrigation start to bounce back from the heat stress that we have been under. Read More>> Read more »

Emerald Ash Borer

Some may have noticed large green square boxes hanging in certain trees around the course. These green boxes are pheromone traps placed to monitor the adult population of the Emerald Ash Borer. Read More>> Read more »

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