Tree removed at 18 green

Today the large Elm located front left of 18 green will be removed, which means that we will be using the path on 10 tee for a period of the day while it comes down. We will be re-opening the path on 18 as soon as the tree has been removed safely.

18 Temporary Green

Today we will be playing the temporary green on 18, at the top of the hill,as the construction of 18 green will be starting. As soon as the temporary Bentgrass green located beside the first fairway bunker is ready for play,we will be moving to that green, giving the members a smoother putting surface. Read More>> Read more »

Construction begins

Today Anseeuw will be mobilizing their equipment to start the construction of 2 and 18 green. Once they are ready to begin the temporary green on 18 will be put into play along with 8B once 2 green is started.

City in Spraying

Today the city of Winnipeg is in spraying insecticide on the base of the Elm trees. This spray is done to help reduce the activity of the Elm Bark Beetle from moving up and down the Elm trees. We are also banding the trees,Read More>> Read more »

Temporary Green

A temporary green is being constructed on 18 fairway while the grow-in of the new 18th green takes place. Once the construction of #2 green starts we will be using 8B as an alternate hole to keep the course as 18 holes. The construction of the 18th green will begin Tuesday September 5th.Read More>> Read more »

1/10 on an inch of rain

This morning the course received 1/10″ on rain, which will help start greening up the rough areas that do not receive any irrigation. Good luck to all that are playing in the club championship today.

Elm inoculation

Today Perennial Tree Service will begin our annual Elm tree inoculation. Their vehicles will be out on the golf course and you will start to see the containers placed around the base of the Elms that are being inoculated.

Did you know?

The average number of ball marks made on greens per round by each golfer is 12. With a daily average of 160 players our greens will suffer 1920 ball marks each day, 58400 per month and in a six month playing season 350400 ball marks each year. Read More>> So please remember to fix your ball marks or fix two other ball marks on each green.

Tee Box – Hole #8

The left-hand tee is no longer in use due to number of balls flying off property. Playing the right-hand tee boxes changes the angle and prevents from happening.

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